PES 2019 release and review

PES 19 coins

New Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has already came! It’s awesome, even FIFA fans should try this new release! Play PES 2019 for a couple of hours (heck, even play it for a couple of games) and it’s clear to the see the refinements under-the-hood are far more important than anything else. This is football simulation at its absolute finest – well, at least when you’re on the pitch.

PES 2019 is the best football simulator?

Better animations lead to better, more realistic gameplay. PES lacks the gloss in pretty much every area when compared to FIFA, but that nearly completely fades away when you’re in a match. Passing is notably better than in previous games, as is the movement of your own team.

There’s very little that’s quite as satisfying as stringing together a passing move from defence to attack and it feeling like the AI is smart enough to move the rest of your team exactly where you want them to go.

This is far from easy though, and you’ll have plenty of misplaced passes that roll ineffectively out of play before things start to come together. The satisfaction of carrying out a move that ends in a lovely finish is so much richer in PES, as it doesn’t feel it’s doing everything for you – a problem I constantly have with FIFA.

PES 2019 gameplay

Gameplay continues to combine arcade elements with football simulation. The MyClub was rebuilt in relation to the previous version, in which it appeared, among others a new way of contracting players and special versions of players released throughout the year. Thanks to eleven new features, additional animations and fitness reflecting in the behavior and appearance of athletes, the players gained on individuality. In addition, in the manager’s mode, three major changes debuted – pre-season ICC tournament, in-depth transfer system and new league licenses.

pes 2019 coins

Pay to win – How to get PES 2019 coins

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In previous parts, Konami used the UEFA organization license for the Champions League and Europa League matches. Due to the expiration of the contract, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is no longer in the competition. Instead, the developer introduced new league licenses.

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